I am a Privatdozent (the rough equivalent of a senior lecturer) at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität.

My research interests revolve around soft condensed matter systems with a complex spatial micro- or nanostructure, in particular their analysis through the 'goggles' of advanced geometry.

I am a principal investigator within the DFG research group Geometry and Physics of Spatial Random Systems, am associated with the Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials, and I am also a visiting fellow of the Department of Applied Maths at the Australian National University.

Current events and news

Doodle to determine tutorial time slots for the computational physics lecture course (SS2014): http://doodle.com/ehaqu7z3muzwe6k9

Programming course February and March 2014 : We are organising an introductory block course about computer programming in C/C++ and scientific computing, to be held in spring 2014 and open for FAU students. The course, held in German, consists of 5 full days of lectures, hands-on tutorials and exercise classes. We will offer this same course twice, from 24-28 Feb 2014 and from 17-21 Mar 2014. More information and registration here.

Seminar course WS13/14 on "Optimal Shapes and Complex Structure in Soft Matter Physics" : We will explore the formation of complex structure in soft matter systems, relevant to both synthetic and biological systems, in response to minimisation of relatively simple energy functionals that are often very geometric in their nature. More information here

Miniature Chiral beam splitter replicates butterfly Gyroid" : Our work on nanofabrication of a prism-shaped photonic crystal devices able to separate left- and right-circularly polarised light is now published (click on image). It replicates the same single Gyroid pattern found in the wing-scales of some green butterflies.

Interface Focus issue "Geometry of Interfaces" : The Interface Focus issue dedicated to the themes of the 2011 conference "Geometry of Interfaces" in Primosten/Croatia was published in October 2012, see here. Thank you to all contributors!

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